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Master class,
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I have the opportunity to exchange with multiple actors of the audiovisual, entertainment, virtual reality, communication, initial and continuing education professions...

This page gives some examples of events, publications and various operations in which I am involved.

"Audio 4D, the sound dimension of virtual reality"

Lecture by Eric Moutot to students in Master virtual reality of the Image Institute of ENSAM (Arts et Métiers) - in visio for health reasons.


"Technical Notebook N°4 - Light - Questions/Answers

Design, operation, technology, safety

This technical notebook is intended for all those who want to better understand the arcane world of light. Artistic and technological possibilities, control protocols, safety, each chapter gives concrete keys and practical tools to help in the decision making process, in the service of everyone's creativity.


Creative workshop

How to create an immersive audio podcast? Let's do the script, the casting, the recording, the sound illustration, the editing, the mixing and the export to PAD format.


Licence 3 TSI - Sound and image technology

A year under the sign of sound immersion with the acquisition by the University of Ambisonic recorders. I have the pleasure to give the sound courses of this curriculum since 2012.

"Mixing Ibrahim Maalouf with Jean Lyonnet".

Master class of mixing organized as part of the cycle of conferences and round tables of the JTSE (technical days of entertainment and events) in November 2020.

"Angèle Brol tour, scenography, light and video"

The Belgian artist Angèle has gone from the intimacy of bars to venues for several thousand people in a few months. To adapt to this permanent mutation, Philippe Matthieu conceived a scenographic design in a real exoskeleton, articulated around the two eyes which constitute the visual signature of the stage. Between light, video, pixel mapping and scenography, exchanges with the designer and Philippe Monlong, the engineer who accompanied him and his team in the technical realization of the elements.

"The mixing of stage returns in 3D audio"

Immersive audio broadcasting solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Binaural listening allows a 360° localization of sources via headphones or in-ear monitors such as those used in IEM during shows. How to allow artists to access this 360° universe?

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