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The LAB.
research / innovation / startups


After several collaborations with university research units and startups to bring them solutions that meet the needs of their approaches in the field of bioacoustics and electroacoustics, the LAB. offer of Atelier du Son is now available.

- needs analysis,
- functional specifications,
- acquisition,
- measurements and tests,
- analysis and prospective,
- ...

Our mobile LAB. is equipped with the best tools for captation, acquisition, processing and analysis available on the market.

Some examples of missions that we have been entrusted with:

Bio-medical universe: wide band (5 Hz to 90 kHz) and very low noise acquisitions of sound spectra of the living,

Design studio: assistance in defining the bio-acoustic sound perimeter of everyday equipment,

Performing arts: capture and analysis of sound prints in aquatic environments,

Professional press SONO Mag: realization of test benches for new equipment,

Technology watch: travel to major international trade shows (France, Europe, United States) to identify emerging technologies in the fields of sound, light and related activities.

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