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Compact disc
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Which solution to choose ?


Compact Disc, the CD remains a safe bet

It's been a star on the record shelves for 30 years, and even though its sales are declining in favor of digital formats and streaming, it's still loved by the many families who have a player at home.


Vinyl record, the beautiful cultural object is back

Fallen into disuse in the 1990s with the arrival of the compact disc, vinyl is making a comeback. The beautiful black disc has once again become the cultural object it was. And we find on the cardboard sleeve all the space necessary for the graphic content and the inventory of the people who participated in the project. The vinyl record can be completed with a download link for the files in digital form, for listening on a computer, smartphone or tablet.


Download card, the new format

Entirely personalized in the image of your project or musical formation, these cards contain an individualized download code which will allow you to download sound files for listening on a computer, tablet and smartphone. Download cards fully meet contemporary uses and are increasingly popular.


We support you in the choice and creation of your distribution media.

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